Philosophy & Objectives of Agiculture /Bioresources Engineering


In line with the University philosophy the Department in this programs hopes to train out Agricultural and Bio-resources Engineers not only for massive production of food, fiber and renewable energy which will lead to rapid industrialization and self-reliance, but also for proffering solutions to engineering problems emanating from new discoveries in biology and biotechnology. It is hoped that graduates with sound practical and theoretical engineering knowledge needed for solving numerous engineering problems in Agriculture and Bioresources in the context of the changing world, will emerge



The program is aimed at producing practical-oriented Agricultural and Bioresources Engineers who will link up with global trend from Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and adapt the knowledge to solution of local problems.


It is hoped that such solutions will increase the production in Agriculture and Bioresources and lead to rapid industrialization while maintaining good environment for human habitation. With the rapid increase in world population which is estimated to rise from 6 to 8 billion by the year 2025, and knowing that most of the increase comes from the developing world, it becomes imperative to produce 21st century engineers that can face the challenge.