Philosophy & Objectives of Mechanical Engineering

  1. Philosophy

The department believes that by developing a culture of seeking for knowledge and dissemination of research findings, intellectually sound, self motivated and reliant mechanical engineers and researchers, who will be the bedrock of our nation’s match towards qualitative and massive technological development and dynamic industrialization, will be actualized. In other words, the department hopes to achieve the national goals and objectives of industrialization and self-reliance. As a result, it hopes to produce graduates with strong academic and practical background so that they can fit into the industry immediately upon graduation.



  1. Objectives

The objectives of the department of Mechanical Engineering among other things are:

  • To produce mechanical engineers with sound knowledge and competitive skills to enhance their performance and to enable them assume broader responsibilities in the rapidly changing environment in the context of the global and contemporary knowledge and economy.
  • To produce mechanical engineers that have a good knowledge of research processes and can effectively work in a university and research institutes.
  • To make it possible for scientists, researchers, industries, trades and other bodies and individuals to benefit from the scientific and technological knowledge and inventions of the Department.
  • To encourage maximum exploitation of our local resources for the development of our technologies and technical skills designed to solve the nation’s social, economic and other related problems.
  • To provide opportunity for higher certificate holders like OND holders in relevant disciplines to convert and aspire to become mechanical engineers as well as opportunities for HND holders in mechanical engineering to upgrade through PGD programmes and become mechanical engineers