Philosophy & Objectives of Metallurgical/Material Engineering


The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering was one of the founding departments at the inception of the Anambra State University of technology, (ASUTECH), in the year 1981. Following the creation of Enugu and New Anambra State the then Anambra State University of Technology, ASUTECH, was split into two autonomous Universities namely- Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka and Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu. Nnamdi Azikiwe University retained the bulk of the staff comprising of eleven member strong academics and Technological staff with proficiency in varied background in the various areas of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering.

Our graduates will readily find employment in the iron and steel industries, non-ferrous (Metallurgy) industries, glass-industries, bricks refractory industries, vehicle assembly plants and industries, oil and gas industries; petrochemical industries, plastics and rubber industries ship-building industries, aero-space industries; electrical-electronics industries; mineral processing and construction industries, etc.

Currently the department offers programmes leading to the following qualifications.

(1)       Bachelor of Engineering degree (B. Eng.)

(2)       Post graduate Diploma PGD

(3)       Master of Engineering degree (M.Eng.)

(4)       Master of Science degree (M.Sc)

(5)       Doctor of philosophy degree (Ph.D)



The philosophy of the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering is in line with the University (to imbibe excellence and self reliance). The department believes that by developing a culture of seeking for knowledge, disseminating of scientific and technical data and a culture of practicalizing theoretical prescient through laboratory/studios and workshops in the areas of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, intellectually sound self motivated and practicing Engineering/ Scientists who will be the bed rock of our nation’s match towards qualitative and massive technological development and dynamic/vibrant industrialization will be actualized.


Nnamdi Azikiwe University is founded on the philosophy that knowledge should be propagated and disseminated to individuals without let or hindrance. Teaching and research are anchored upon the needs of the immediate environment and the Nigerian Society generally.

The mission of the University is, thus, to use teaching, research and public service to solve societal problems.  In the process of learning, students are oriented to use education in the solution of practical problems confronting them and the Nigerian Society. It is hoped that the University’s graduates will be able to use their knowledge to lift the society off its problems in science e.g. technological backwardness, poor health delivery services, agricultural under production, environmental degradation, misapplication and /or under utilization of human and material resources, cultural disorientation etc.

To achieve these purposes and harness the large pool of qualified secondary school graduands and high caliber manpower in the environment of the university, the University is conventional in scope and outlook covering wide areas of learning and research.

In totality, the mission of the University is to produce graduates who shall possess the following attributes:

  1. A wide and ordered knowledge in a discipline area;
  2. Ability to reason logically;
  3. The ability to communicate clearly in speech and writing with confidence and fluency;
  4. Numeracy and computer literacy;
  5. Accepted moral values as honesty; humility, truthfulness and high ethical standards in

Personal and professional life;

  1. Acceptance of obligations and responsibilities;
  2. The desire for life-long education and creativity; and
  3. Self-confidence and result-oriented ability.