Philosophy & Objectives of Polymer/Textile Engineering


The department is geared towards producing disciplined and self-reliant engineering graduates, who would contribute to the overall development of the Polymer and Textile industry and the Nigerian economy in general. The programme is designed to ground students in the specific professional area. The Textile industry is concerned with the conversion of fibres into yarns, clothing fabrics, curtains, carpets and other furnishings used for domestic purposes, as well as fabrics used for industrial purposes. The Polymer industry on the other hand produces such items as paints, plastics, resins, elastomers etc.



The objectives of the Polymer and Textile Engineering programme include:

  1. Training and production of graduates with the necessary skills to meet the demand for skilled manpower in the Polymer, Textile and allied industries, as well as the academia and the Nigerian socio-economic sector in general.
  2. Production of graduates of engineering with the necessary skills and principles required for planning, design operations, management and maintenance of respective industrial plants.
  • Stimulation and motivation of the student for attainment of excellence through high achievement in the general engineering field through close affiliation with industry via the supervised Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) as a training ground for exposure to contemporary problems and hands-on methods of solving them.
  1. Preparation of students for a career in production, research and development and management in polymer manufacturing, man-made fibre units, textile plants, paint industry, research institutes, polytechnics and universities in the country.